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The Italian Job by bkkfishingguide

In an equally spontaneous moment, the day after Bungsamran, I received a call from Alex saynig that they want to go for some barramundi action! Seems like the boys are hooked! Without hesitation, I knew the boys are going to be thrilled going after some big barramundis at our private pond and the plan was formulated quickly.

"The Italian Job"

The most spontaneous and short notice planned trip that I have ever experienced and not only once - but twice! One phone call set up a day at Bungsamran and it was great fun. For this trip we have Alex who wants to introduce his sons, Frankie and Victor, to the world of fishing. I am please to say that he picked a great venue to get the boys to be hooked on fishing. One of the things I love about bringing guests to Bungsamran is the look on their face when a Giant Mekong Catfish surfaces for them to see. It is a priceless moment in itself but to be a part of a father-son fishing bonding trip was equally special.

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