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Willi's Annual Fishing Trip 2023

One of our most frequent guest, Willi from Austria visited us again in February 2023 and arranged the longest trip he has ever taken. Willi spent 14 days with us fishing on a daily basis at six different locations and what a trip he had! 


Thai Nana Fishing

We kicked things off for Willi at Thai Nana Fishing with Willi landing an absurd amount of Amazon Redtails before the Arapaima came and showed itself.  Willi also landed numerous Tambaqui as well as the ultra rare Wallago Leeri with our own very special tactic.

Greenfield Valley Fishing

After spending four days at Thai Nana, we visited Greenfield Valley Fishing in Hua Hin for the first time and what an enjoyable time we had. Willi landed the Giant Gourami multiples times and again had numerous Amazon Redtails. We caught the Arapaima on a daily basis with a good amount of Siamese Carp joining in on the fun.


Palm Tree Lagoon

Next up is Palm Tree Lagoon where Willi is on a quest to earn the big fish t shirt award from the lake, We accomplished that twice earning Willi two big fish club tshirts. Palm Tree has some monsters in there. 

Amazon BKK

Next up was Amazon BKK for a day and Willi must have landed over eight Arapaima since we started this trip. Alligator Gar and the usual Amazon Redtail also joined in on the fun. 


Pilot 111

We ended the trip with a visit to Pilot 111 where Willi hooked on to the Chaopraya Catfish, Giant Snakehead and Barramundi. Not the usual monsters but we were able to add the Giant Snakehead into Willi's species list.

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