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"Palm Tree Lagoon"

I have heard about this place for a quite a while now and they are known to have various world record fish in their lake. As a mission to find more locations for my guests to fish, I decided to plan a trip there with my buddy in order to see if Palm Tree Lagoon was in fact a great fishery.

Situated about an hour and a half out of Bangkok, Palm Tree Lagoon is a small lake operated by a family. Anglers are provided three rods, one predator and two carp rods with the assistance of a helper to help bait those rods. Please note that this lake is strictly bait fishing.

Fishing for us started somewhat slow but it gradually picked up in the afternoon. According to the owner, fishing was slow that day but I beg the differ. We landed various types of fish big and small and was completely happy with the lake. However, the owner was not satisifed with out catches and wouldn't allow us to leave until we had a big finale. It certainly shows the generosity and we certainly will be coming back.

The treatment of fish at Palm Tree Lagoon is top notch with landing pads for smaller fish while guests are urged to get into the water to take pictures with bigger fish.

I'll let the pictures describe the day we had at Palm Tree Lagoon.

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