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Quest for Carp - 8/11/13

Of all the popular species targeted by anglers visiting Thailand, Siamese Carp may rank in the top five. Therefore, I am always in search for new fishing locations that would yield carp for my guests. While it is never guaranteed that an angler gets his preferred target during their visit, I try my best to increase the odds to fulfil my guest's preference.

I think I may have found the technique and the location that would increases the chance of landing a Siamese Carp. As you may know, Bungsamran has been the preferred destination for anglers in search of Siamese Carp and Mekong Catfish but the truth is, the density of Siamese Carp is just so low at Bungsamran, the chances of landing a carp is slim on most days.

Enters Palm Tree Lagoon, a small little lake that provides a mystery in terms of what species is going to be landed next but could possibly have have the highest percentage of landing a Siamese Carp. Patience is key when fishing go these spectacular creature but there is enough fish in this lake that would provide extra excitement while anglers wait for the Siamese Carp. The density of the Siamese Carp in this lake provides a great chance and the most exciting part is that the size of carp in this lake is massive. The largest Siamese Carp that was caught in this lake so far is 63 kilos!

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