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Redtail Catfish Galore

A part of the benefit of running a fishing guide business is that I get to go enjoy a job that I truly enjoy but the most important part is that I get to go fishing! From scouting a new pond that I liked to present to my guests to visiting one of our existing venues, I need to know the current conditions and how the fish are biting at that particular period. All of this is to ensure that my guests will enjoy a day with plenty of fish to catch. However, there are still days that you cannot get a single fish to bite.

Regardless, I had a chance to finally visit IT Lake Monster which has been around for a long time and is quite well known for their massive sized fish. We fished the main lake for a variety of predatorial species which includes the Arapaima, Redtail Catfish, Chaopraya Catfish and many more. IT Lake Monsters can be an excellent place for beginners yet can also provide a challenge for the lure angler.

As for this trip, it is exactly what the title says, its a Redtail Catfish galore. There was a total of six anglers and it was just mostly Redtail Catfish one after the other with a mixture of Pacu and Asian Redtail Catfish in between. Anglers were eager to land an Arapaima but the luck was with my buddy, Tong, who had managed to land an Arapaima every time we go fishing for them.

Overall, IT Lake Monster is a very nice lake with clean amenities. Would certainly recommend my guests to visit this place.

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