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"Carp Fetish" - June 6 2013

Do you have that one elusive specie of fish that you have been longing for? Well, for Tong, my buddy, is the Giant Siamese Carp. Ever since I took him fishing for Giant Mekong Catifsh, we would hear stories about this massive fish that could switch directions rapidly and has the ability to throw hooks. The legend of the Siamese Carp grows bigger within him by the day and he wanted this fish bad. We've spent numerous days just sitting there waiting for that one fish but there was very little hope. Those days were two years ago and every time we've gone fishing the past two years, I would get to hear him mention the name "Siamese Carp" out of random. I am glad to say that he has finally caught his unicorn, the Giant Siamese Carp. The fish wasn't the massive one we've heard about but this fish had him smiling all day long. The moment that fish showed its face, my friend's face immediately lit up like he had won the lottery. Moments like these makes my day. 

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