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Vegas Summer Trip 2023

We finally have Vegas back fishing with us again this season after a year in college abroad. He has grown up to be quite an angler catching various species available in Hawaii. We spent three days together and and he brought a few friends along for the trip. Enjoy the photos from Amazon BKK, PIlot 111 and Bungsamran.


Pilot 111

A day at Pilot 111 landed various species and it is amazing how big the fish has grown especially the Giant Snakeheads. Pilot 111 is perfect for anglers on a business trip wanting a day trip to catch some fish. 


Chaopraya Catfish

Another monster of a fish that can be found at PIlot 111 and its power will send your reel screaming with no end in sight. Another species that must be on every angler's bucket list when visiting Thailand.


Amazon BKK

This fairly large Gar was landed by Vegas at Amazon BKK. Even thought he missed out on an Arapaima, this Gar certainly made up for it.



Another world famous place that makes sure that every leaves satisfied.

Can somewhat be controversial in terms of the fishing style and location but it is apparent that there is no fishing like it anywhere else. Many have try to duplicate the lake but everyone has failed. Amounts of Mekong Catfish and Siamese Carp as well as other species are impressive and not to mention the size. 

Great for a family adventure or serious anglers wanting to feel the "tug" all day long.

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