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"Can you eat this thing?" May 14 2013

A very spontaneous trip that happened overnight turned into a huge surprise. I was invited to fish a private pond in hopes of using it as one of the venue for my guests and I just simply couldn't turn it down. Fishing a pond that has no pressure from anglers? Yes please. I knew before hand that the fish would be somewhat bigger than average but that is an understatement. Barramundi is one of the most popular fish in Thai cuisine and farmers often raise them the size between 700 grams to one kilogram (the size that would fit nicely into a dish). Anything bigger than that loses its value in the market since they would not be able to be served whole. Anyways, the Barramundi that we ended up catching at this wouldn't even fit into a buffet pan. These fish are known to perform aerial jumps during fights but these creatures were so big and heavy, they can't even propel more than half of their bodies from the water. Definitely an experience that would last a long time and also proud to say that this pond is now available to all our guests. Ready for a fight?

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