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Fly Fishing in Thailand

Fly fishing is something I have thoroughly enjoyed ever since I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best group of anglers I have encountered, the Tippecanoe Fly Fishers based out of Indiana. A great group of guys who wanted to promote fly fishing as well as the conservation. My fly fishing journey started off in a rather peculiar place, the laundry room. As i was loading my soiled clothes into the washer, I notice the maintenance guy just talking on his phone using fishing terms that were familiar but was the terms were being put in a strange context. That is when I pretend I am still loading my clothes into the washer while I was more focused on eavesdropping on the maintenance guy. All of this was to wait for him to hang up and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get him to show me a few good spots. Turns out, the maintenance guy, Gary is the president of the Tippecanoe Fly Fishing Club and he talked about fly fishing a little bit and that was it. I'm invited to go try and fly fish at a private pond and two weeks after that, I got my first fly rod. My time with the club was not long but many valuable knowledge was passed on to me. Today, those knowledge has been adapted and modified into targeting fish in Thailand. Jungle Perch is fished for just how we fish like bass in the United States but you'll soon find out that it ain't no bass!

Whether you are looking to catch a Jungle Perch in the reservoir or an Arapaima in a lake, we have it covered. Day trips to any of the destinations are available with the reservoir being 2 1/2 hours away and the closest lake being 45 minutes. Rod, reel and flies are provided in the package as well as lunch and beverages. All you have to worry about is catching that fish.

First option - Stocked lake.

This option is great for beginners and intermediate fly anglers that is looking to have a good time out in a short amount of time. The different lakes have ample space to cast and plenty of fish to catch.

There are numbers of lakes (or ponds) around Bangkok that contain various kinds of fish e.g. Barramundi, Arapaima, Pacu, Giant Snakehead, Chao Phraya catfish, etc. Each lake has different species in which some are well known for big monsters while some have good reputation for numbers of stocked fish.

Second option - Reservoir.

We fish on a boat and our main target is Jungle Perch (Hampala Barb) and sometimes when conditions are great, the Giant Snakehead can be landed on a fly rod too. You will be surrounded with scenic mountains with chances of spotting wildlife such as monkeys and hornbill birds.

Bangkok Fly Fishing Shop

Stream Trail Outfitters is a fly shop located conveniently in downtown Bangkok and is walking distance from Nana BTS Station.

For more information, please click here.

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