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Lively October

THe month of October was extremely fun and busy with lots of days fishing. There are numerous amounts of awesome fish that deserves to be shown. Without further ado, lets kick start the October catch report!

We start off with Chris from Florida who spent two days fishing for the various species at Pilot 111 and It Lake Monsters. Pilot 111 responded quite well with Chris landing numerous fish and a total of three species, the Giant Snakehead, Barramundi and Chaopraya Catfish. On the second trip to IT Lake Monsters, Chris also had a great day landing numerous large Amazon Redtail Catfish and recorded over ten fish. 

Next up we had Martin from Texas who watched to follow the footsteps of Jeremy Wade and catch an Arapaima among other fish. We both had planned a special package that I liked to call the "Progressive Fishing Package" in which we would cover four different locations in three days. This package was planned to target as many species as possible and it sure did. Martin spend two days at Palm Tree Lagoon and another day visiting Amazon BKK and IT Lake Monsters. We ended up with 12 species and certainly landed Martin's dream fish, the Arapaima.

Apart from the Arapaima, Martin's impressive list also includes the Giant Siamese Carp, Giant Mekong Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Alligator Gar and a Julien's Price Carp.

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