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Reservoir Fishing

If fishing in the wild is your preference, I can take care of that too. With the closest reservoir only about two hours away, anglers can enjoy a day trip to one of the beautiful reservoirs in Thailand in search for Jungle Perch or Giant Snakehead. Though the reservoir can be fished year round, productivity is best when the water is at the lowest levels which is between April and August. The rainy season also provides great fishing since it is the fry season for Giant Snakehead and they are ferocious when they are guarding their fry. Due to the popularity of the Giant Snakehead through various media outlets, the forgotten fish that provides just as much fun while hitting lures like a freight train is the Jungle Perch. A tiny one could certainly make you feel like you got a big one on and I'm sure you would be asking for more Perch once you get the first one.


Approximate Travel Time: 2 hours


Sample Itinerary:


5:00 am - Pick up from hotel

7:00 am - Arrive reservoir and fish

12:00 pm - Lunch break

14:00 pm - Fishing continues

18:00 pm - Pack up and depart reservoir

20:00 pm - Arrive back to hotel


All inclusive package includes:


- Transportation to and from hotel

- All fishing fees

- Equipment and lures

- Lunch

- Beverages (except alcoholic)

- Guide

- Boatman

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