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"Chilling in the stream" July 11, 2013

This trip all started out with seeing too many pictures of all the Jungle Perch and Striped Snakehead that has been caught at Kang Krachan reservoir recently through Facebook. The amount of fish that has been caught recently had urged me to call my boatman and book a trip. As usual, my partner in crime would be my buddy, Tong.

A day trip to this reservoir takes quite a bit of dedication since our scheduled departure time from Bangkok is at 3:00 am. The duration of the drive typically is around 2 1/2 hours dpending on the conditions of the road. Once we arrived at our boatman's house at around 5:30 am, we were greeted with a simple sausage, eggs, and toast breakfast. After that it was all about preparing the gear and getting ready for another long day on a boat.

With all the rain that the area has received, our boatman recommended that we run up a tributary in search of some Jungle Perch. I have been up the tributary a few times before and I absolutely love the scenery even though fishing was not all that great. However, there was a whole lot more water than the previous times! Previous spots that I have fly fish while standing in the middle of the stream were neck high and the currrent was very strong. When fishing the tributary, we would be required to steer the boat through some rapids in order to reach the various spots that we could get off the boat and walk along the banks casting into holes that fish may hold.

All in all, we only caught a few fish but being surrounded by nature was well worth the trip. Eating lunch on a rock partially submerge was also quite an experience. The day went by rapidly and we barely made it back to shore before it got completely dark. The day commences at around 7:30 pm with another 2 1/2 hours of driving back to Bangkok. 

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