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"Yoga, Bummed Knees and Fishing."

We are going to do things a little differently this time around. Since the last catch report was almost a month ago and today's report is the first of 2014, this report will be an action packed report recapping the month of January so far. It includes a yoga fanatic, a recent knee operation and a lot of fish.

The six days of fishing provided different excitement with venues from Palm Tree Lagoon (twice), Bungsamran (twice) and Pilot 111 (twice).

Exciting species that were caught includes the Mekong Catfish, Stripe Catfish, Amazon Redtail Catfish, Chaopraya Catfish, Barramundi, Giant Snakehead, Asian Redtail Catfish and a Rohu.

My guests hails from various parts of the world including Canada, United States, Japan, Singapore and Spain. Through my guiding, not only that I have the privilege to take all these wonderful people out fishing, I may have also gained life long friends.

During my vacation trip to Japan the past week, I was honored to be hosted by my own fishing guest who had came to Thailand to fish only a few days back. We had such a great time visiting various tackle shops that can take hours for an angler to visit.

During this timespan, I also had the chance to witness determination and persistance from my valuable guests. One individual stands out in particular which was Jay from New York. Before the day we were suppose to go fishing, I had knew that he had a bummed knee but I only found out the severity of it during the pick up time in the morning! He was in braces and he can barely bend his knees which certainly provided a challenge in getting him fishing. The staff at Palm Tree did an excellent job accommodating us with chairs and setting up the fish for a picture. I was a little concern with how we are going to do with a fish really big but we were fortunate to land fish that was at a manageable size. I would call it a "lap fish".

All in all, it was an excellent period in guiding just as usual and I feel very fortunate to have the guests that I have been serving. Hope to see them back fishing with me again! Enjoy the pictures and for a wonderful time fishing in Bangkok, remember Bangkok Fishing Guide Service.

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