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"Testing out the Amazon Pond" - May 28 2013

I truly beleive that we are very fortunate to have Amazonian species for angling in Thailand. It may seem somewhat odd but odd beats flying all the way to the Amazon basin. It was a tough day overall with few bites in between. The weather was extremely hot which certainly did not help the fishing. Any doubts that this pond lacks fish density is completely unwarranted the moment you approach the pond. There are fish breaking the surface at all times. Another interesting fact about this pond is that there is actually more than 30 species of fish in the pond and every catch is almost guaranteed to be a different type of fish. To increase the chance of landing a fish, Amzonian species requires an extra early departure. We would prefer to be there at sunrise and maybe we might just get a topwater bite from the different species in there. I managed to hook on to a few fish on a 1/O Zonker fly but only to lose the fish a few seconds later.

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