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"Carp Fetish Part Two" - June 18 2013

In order to validate that the Siamese Carp that we landed was no fluke, my buddy and I revisited Bungsamran to have another go at the Siamese Carp. To make a long story short, we didn't catch one. However, we did enjoy trying various bait mixtures that we randomly come up in our minds. With Kris joining us later in the afternoon and after landing a tiring amount of fish, we decided to test out the catch rate between the pre-rigged hooks that is available attached to the method feeder and Iseama Gamkatsu hooks. There was no competition given that the Gamakatsu hooks were hooking on to fish much easier than the pre-rigged ones. Rest assure that for our guests, we switch out the hooks to Gamakatsu to make your day more enjoyable. 

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