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September 2015 Catch Report

We then hosted David who is our regular client and started fly fishing with me. Our start was at Pilot 111 where we slowly honed his fly casting skills and then we were on to Amazon BKK for real monsters. David started with a small Arapaima and then an Amazon Redtail Catfish really drained him.

September kicked off with George from Singapore. We had three days that produced a lot of fish. The first day was a visit to Palm Tree Lagoon where George landed his personal best Giant Mekong Catfish. We then moved on to IT Lake Monster's Carp Lake, George's favorite and may have landed over 40 fish in the two days including Catla Carp, Siamese Carp, Soldier Bard, Chinese Big Head Carp, Julien's Carp and Rohu. What a great haul for three days of fishing!

With the passion for fly fishing and a vision to promote fly fishing in Thailand, our Facebook group, Thailand Fly Fishing Community had a fly fishing event where we invited those that are interested to come and try fly fishing as well as meet up with fellow fly anglers. The meeting was at Pilot 111 where everybody enjoyed a day out fishing and meeting liked mind people.

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