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All inclusive Bangkok fishing tour packages includes:

- Transportation to/from fishing venue

- Fishing costs

- Equipment

- Lures/Bait

- An authentic Thai lunch

- Unlimited non alcoholic beverages

- A fluent English speaking guide

Rates are all inclusive with no hidden fees!

Non-fishing guests are welcome free of charge (one guest per angler).

Group rates available!

Casting clinics for beginners can be arranged.

In order to promote fishing, we are now offering casting clinics for groups of 6-8 people at a local pond. For 6 hours, guests will receive a lesson in casting, lure presentation and fighting fish. Joint groups are more than welcome. Please contact us for more details. This package is perfect for family or friends that would like to spend a day outdoors. Designed for the casual angler.

Bangkok Fishing Guide; All inclusive fishing trips

Below are some general ideas of the fishing that is available in Thailand. Please have a look and contact me in regards to the details of each trip. I strive to provide you as many information as possible before your fishing trip in order to have the best chance in catching your target species as well as enjoying the day outdoors. There are multiple fishing spots especially stocked lakes that holds the same type of fish but each location has their advantage. The time of the year also plays a major part in the decision to fish a particular location. Contact us for detailed information and please be assure that we will do our best to provide you a with a memorable fishing trip.

Giant Mekong Catfish and Siamese Carp All Inclusive Package

Two native gentle giants that is probably the most popular in terms of fishing in Thailand, anglers will have the chance to land these magnificent creatures in a relaxing atmosphere.

Depending on the emphasis of an angler, we may choose between various locations that would present the best chance to hook onto these giants. 

For the Mekong Catfish in terms of catch rates and average size, Bungsamran offers the best chance and the most action-packed day. Anglers are certain to land a fish over 30 pounds with a high chance of getting a much bigger fish. The biggest fish in the lake could grow as much as 200 pounds!

While anglers do have the chance of landing a Siamese Carp at Bungsamran, there are also other locations that provides a greater chance at a Siamese Carp.

Bungsamran is a perfect location for casual anglers who may be traveling with family members that do not fish. A day out at Bungsamran can provide a relaxing day after all the shopping you may have done.

Talk to us for a quote specifically prepared for you and we would love to have a chance to provide you with a memorable fishing experience of a lifetime.

Artificial Lure All Inclusive Package

With a wide array of fishing parks and stocked lakes, Bangkok has many lure fishing options. Whether it would be fishing for Barramundi, Redtail Catfish, Giant Snakehead or Pacu, Bangkok has it all.

At Bangkok Fishing Guide Service, I highly recommend a premium lure fishing park that allows you to target five different species in a day. At Pilot 111, anglers will have the opportunity to catch a Barramundi, Giant Snakehead, Asian Redtail Catfish, Pacu, and the Spotted Featherback. 

Pilot 111 had always been a favourite spot of mine and I would like to share it with you. Fishing at this lake is considered to be of medium difficulty but I have came up with various techniques that would help you land as many fish as possible. The lake is predominantly Barramundi which can be found to grow up to nine kilograms!

For other options, we also have a private Barramundi pond that allows anglers to land multiple Barramundi. Perfect for getting someone addicted to fishing as well as for anglers who would like to enjoy catching many fish without working hard.

Other lure fishing opportunities in Thailand also includes fishing for species from the Amazon and fishing in reservoirs for Giant Snakeheads and Jungle Perch, These options will be introduced in the upcoming section.

All lures are included in every trip which includes the utilisation of buzzbaits, slashbaits, minnows, crankbaits and soft plastics.

For your next lure fishing trip, let Bangkok Fishing Guide Service show you the hottest spots Bangkok has to offer.

Amazonian Species (Artificial Lure or Live Bait)

Thailand now is becoming a popular spot for targeting species from the Amazon due to the popularity of these fish in Thailand. Species such as the Alligator Gar, Arapaima Giga, Amazon Redtail Catfish and Peacock Bass are being stocked into fishing lakes as well as smaller reservoirs. This may not be ideal for the ecology of the habitat but it certainly provides anglers with a great opportunity to land a beautiful fish that has travelled half way across the world.

Fishing for species that are from the Amazon can be done in many different ways. Certain lakes only allow lure fishing while some is strictly bait fishing. At Bangkok Fishing Guide Service, we can provide you with trips to either types of fishing with multiple locations available for your best chance to catch your target species.

While fishing fees for Amazonian species may be high, it is well worth it to have one of these majestic creatures in your arms.

Reservoir Fishing

Do you prefer fishing with a view? Perhaps a day trip to a reservoir could be a solution. Just a couple hours away from Bangkok, the reservoir fishing yields Jungle Perch, Giant Snakehead and Striped Snakehead. Day trips typically start with 4 am pick up time and drop off at approximately 10 pm.

Depending on the season, trips up to the tributary through small rapids are available. The fishing certainly takes a backseat to the breathtaking scenery that the tributary has to offer.

Fly fishing

Fly fishing is something I have thoroughly enjoyed ever since I had the opportunity to learn from one of the best group of anglers I have encountered, the Tippecanoe Fly Fishers based out of Indiana. A great group of guys who wanted to promote fly fishing as well as the conservation. My fly fishing journey started off in a rather peculiar place, the laundry room. As i was loading my soiled clothes into the washer, I notice the maintenance guy just talking on his phone using fishing terms that were familiar but was the terms were being put in a strange context. That is when I pretend I am still loading my clothes into the washer while I was more focused on eavesdropping on the maintenance guy. All of this was to wait for him to hang up and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to get him to show me a few good spots. Turns out, the maintenance guy, Gary is the president of the Tippecanoe Fly Fishing Club and he talked about fly fishing a little bit and that was it. I'm invited to go try and fly fish at a private pond and two weeks after that, I got my first fly rod. My time with the club was not long but many valuable knowledge was passed on to me. Today, those knowledge has been adapted and modified into targeting fish in Thailand. Jungle Perch is fished for just how we fish like bass in the United States but you'll soon find out that it ain't no bass!

Whether you are looking to catch a Jungle Perch in the reservoir or an Arapaima in a lake, we have it covered. Day trips to any of the destinations are available with the reservoir being 2 1/2 hours away and the closest lake being 45 minutes. Rod, reel and flies are provided in the package as well as lunch and beverages. All you have to worry about is catching that fish.

Fly fishing Thailand's reservoir can be exhilarating with explosive bites and really strong fights. However, it can be really challenging with endless casting, balancing on a boat and extremely fast retrieve. Even though Jungle Perch and the Giant Snakehead may not be as spooky as a trout, their behaviour after getting hooked makes it very challenging to land one. The Giant Snakehead's teeth is another concern for fly anglers since they can easily cut through line.

Barramundi are a popular fish for the local cuisine and there are no shortages of Barramundi we can fish for. From natural lakes to stocked ponds, Barramundi offers a great fight on a fly rod. Its aerial acrobatics are a sight to see and makes the action on the fly rod even better.

Fly fishing for other species such as Pacu, Spotted Featherback and the Giant Snakehead are available in one fishing park with ample space for the fly cast.

Amazonian species like the Arapaima and Alligator Gar has been known to take the fly if the opportunity presents itself but it does require a little precision in your fly casting skills.

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