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March Madness

March was another busy month that started with a six day reservoir trip with a visit to Amazon BKK in between. Denis and Mike from Russia were on a fishing binge which included landing Giant Snakeheads and Arapaima. The numbers of fish were somewhat low but it was considered to be a successful trip since they both caught their target species. The trip started off at two and a half days of fishing in Kang Krachan Reservoir where both Mike and Denis both had a taste of a Giant Snakehead but was not up to size. It was rather quite frustrating since after two days of fishing, Giant Snakeheads were not cooperating. There were many hits and hookups but none were able to land the fish. The third day yielded better results but it seemed like Mike and Denis needed time away from the reservoir to collect their thoughts. We decided that a day fishing for Arapaima would be appropriate before heading out for a few more days in the reservoir.

After spending six days fishing with Mike and Denis, we also had the chance to accompany Dave and Sebastian to Pilot 111 for some lure fishing. The day started slowly with fish coming being landed sporadically. Their efforts were very commendable given that they never stopped fishing and their efforts were to be rewarded by catching at least ten fish each. 

After Dave and Seb, there was Kai Ahmed who also chose to visit Pilot 111. Despite the hot sun and some effects from the consequences of staying at the notorious Khaosan Road, Kai was able to land plenty of fish despite spending most of the time recovering from the party the night before. 

After spending a couple days at Pilot 111, I also had the chance to visit the reservoir with Jim. Jim had visited Palm Tree Lagoon previously and now wanted to go out and do some lure fishing in the reservoir. A previous bass angler, Jim had no trouble adapting to the style of fishing in Thailand's reservoir and caught a very nice Jungle Perch during his trip.

During my time at Pilot 111 with Dave and Seb, I had the chance to explain the wonders of Palm Tree Lagoon to both of them and they seemed to be eager to visit Palm Tree. Dave and Seb decided to book two days at Palm Tree Lagoon where we could not have asked for better results since they were practically catching fish after fish. The result was over 40 fish between the two of them and nine new species.

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