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Epic July

July once again proved to be the most exciting month for us at Bangkok Fishing Guide Service with lots of clients wanting to fish and the amount of fish that we get to see. Without further ado, lets take a quick look of what we had going in July.

First off, we have three buddies from Australia who chose to visit Palm Tree Lagoon with an eye on having a great day out fishing for a variety of fish. All in all, over 15 fish were landed with the Siamese Carp being the most frequent. We also had two of the mighty Mekongs on that day with both fish averaging around an hour to land.

A video recap of the day can be found below.

We continue one with a second visit from one of our first customers, Cris, who wanted to visit Palm Tree Lagoon and spend a day at the reservoir as well. While the reservoir didn't work out like what we have imagined, Palm Tree Lagoon more than made up for it. Cris landed several species and some of them were monstrous! The Mekong catfish (bottom left) gave Cris a big long fight while the Chaopraya Catfish (bottom right) would have broken the IGFA record if it were to be submitted.

Last but not least, we have Nick from Australia who planned a four day trip for his first time in Thailand. We visited a total of four places including two days at Kang Krachan Reservoir, Amazon BKK, IT Lake Monsters and Pilot 111. The first two days at the reservoir was filled with bites but we were unable to land most of them. The final fish count after the reservoir was at five which was an average start. However, things heated up during the third day where we did a progressive fishing tour which brought us to two different lakes in one day, Amazon BKK and IT Lake Monsters. By 10 am, Nick landed two Arapaima weighing between 50-70 kilograms and we headed off to IT Lake Monsters in search of more species. With Nick's scheduled flight in the afternoon on the last day, we visited Pilot 111 before his flight and it was just as awesome. The total fish tally for four days of fishing was over 30 fish and he went home a happy man.

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