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October 2015 Catch Report

On his third trip back fishing with us, Michael chose Palm Tree, IT Lake and the reservoir. We went through a tough day at the reservoir facing difficult weather conditions and ended up not catching a snakehead. We made it up with a day at Palm Tree where he landed Siamese Carp, Giant Mekong Catfish and Redtail Catfish. IT Lake was also quite productive yielding various carp species. We also missed out on a fish that was probably very big since it was on the hook for almost two hours before losing it.

Next up, we had our old pal, Warren, one of my first clients ever visited us and went over to Amazon BKK to target the Arapaima. We manage to hook up with a few but most were lost during the fight. Nonetheless, we gave Warren what he came for.

Justin was next in line for the back to back visit to Amazon BKK. What started out as a surprise fishing trip by his lovely wife wasn't a surprise after all since she also couldn't contain the excitement. Justin has been a fanatic for the Arapaima and managed to hook at least five but was only able to land one. However, he had some consolation price in the Amazon Redtail Catfish and the Giant Snakehead.

Jon from Australia was also back for a day of fishing and this time we headed to IT Lake for some carp and predator fishing. Jon landed multiple species including the Siamese Carp, Julien's carp, Black Shark Minnow, Rohu and this unidentified fish that is believed to be a Grass carp.

Tan recently visited us for a trip to the reservoir and he is back with a friend this time. He wanted to put his friend on a Giant Mekong Catfish and we did just that. Tan also enjoyed a day at the private Barramundi pond fighting lots of big barramundi with epic aerial fights.

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