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Awesome August

Apart from taking clients out to fish and engaging in social media for promotional purposes, another aspect that is important is to locate new fishing locations as well as visiting old ones. Numerous hours are spent discovering new fishing spots and figuring out the best way to get a fish to bite. Taking notes of the weather conditions and water levels at different times of the year is vital to predict if the reservoir will be productive. Regardless of the size, catching a fish from the reservoir is always an accomplishment and it feels great! Giant snakeheads and Jungle Perch roams the reservoir and the best technique to catch them are topwater fishing as well as shallow divers. These fish loves to attack something that is running by them really fast and they hit those lures hard. The difficulty of hooking a Giant Snakehead is an accomplishment in itself and landing them is a bonus. A Jungle Perch fights with all its might and even the little ones run hard.

Another location is was wildly popular during the month of August is Bungsamran. I've had clients from India, United States, and Sri Lanka that all wanted to catch some big catfish. We also landed an elusive Siamese Carp with a client that prefers to remain anonymous. Bungsamran is certainly a place that every angler should visit once in their lifetime. The comfort of a private bungalow and the room service is an extra perk that compliments the fishing. There is even an in house massage. Allow us to take you to Bungsamran and have the most comfortable fishing experience you will ever encounter.

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