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December 2017 to January 2018 Season

Its been a while since I have created a catch report and a lot of has happened between now and then. Fishing has been nonstop and I feel blessed to have such wonderful clients. Entering my fifth year in operation, Bangkok Fishing Guide has come further than I would have imagined. The past two months has been a whirlwind of fishing and the pictures can do the rest of the talking.

Siamese Carp at Bungsamran was on fire in December with lots of big carp being landed.

And of course the Mekong Catfish is a can't miss at Bungsamran.

We had quite a few visits to IT Lake Monsters the past two months and the Chaopraya Catfish was the main target for every angler.

There is more to IT Lake Monsters than the mighty Chaopraya. Other common catches are the Amazon Redtail Catfish and the Alligator Gar.

The Pacu also likes to crash the party. for more information about IT Lake Monsters.

The ever so popular Barramundi pond was also frequently visited the past two months.

Last but not least, we capped it off with a few visits to Amazon BKK for some Arapaima action.

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