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Giant Freshwater Stingray Fishing

We are happy to announce that Bangkok Fishing Guide Service is now offering Giant Freshwater Stingray fishing trips. We were able to partner with one of Thailand's premier stingray fishing operator that would provide you with the best chance in putting you on a stingray. The time of the year is vital to the productivity of the river, so do please check with us if the fishing is productive. 

I had the privilege to go out and try to catch one myself in order to gain knowledge and understand what the fishing is all about. Let me tell you though, that fishing for the Giant Freshwater Stingray is incredibly tough and the fights can last for hours on end depending on the tide as well as the location where the fish was caught.   

The day started off at 7 am when I hopped on the boat to go towards the fishing spot. The area is right by the famous Amphawa floating market so I also got to get some sightseeing done as well. The way we target these Giant Stingray is to deploy five boats to bait up the area with 16 floats in order to maximize the chances. After checking out the floats and standing by for signs of a stingray, we received word that there was a float that looks like a fish was on it. The boat quickly maneuvers towards the float and we have a fish on the line. 

Typically, we would fish with a harness that locks you to the reel but I just wanted to see how challenging can it be to fish without a harness. Lets just say I lasted a whole 15 minutes without a harness before I was begging for one. At that point, sweat was already starting to form. The fight was a stalemate and it didn't seem like it was going to end. 

A little four hours and I finally got a glimpse of what I was struggling against and it was magnificent. It's almost the size of  the boat! 

The Giant Stingray measured out to be a little under two meters wide and four meters long. Ridiculous! The rush of standing next to a fish that big was a weird feeling and there were so many thoughts running through my mind. 

and for the trophy shot.......