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Providing personal and friendly fishing guide service for fishing in Thailand..

Equipped with a favorable climate for various fish species from the world and the possibility to fish all year round, fishing in Thailand continues to provide exhilarating moments for anglers around the world. Apart from the native species such as:

- Barramundi
- Chaopraya Catfish
- Giant Mekong Catfish
- Giant Siamese Carp
- Giant Snakehead
- Hampala Barb aka Jungle Perch

Thailand has managed to stock various species around the world into stocked lakes that includes:

- Alligator Gar
- Amazon Redtail Catfish
- Arapaima
- Rohu
- Pacu
- and many more....

Offering fully customized full day and multi day guided fishing trips to cater to your needs, Bangkok Fishing Guide Service is here to help you maximize your time during your visit to Bangkok. We understand that Thailand had a lot of offer more than fishing and your time may be limited to having only a day or two of fishing. We are here to increase the productivity of your time and hopefully put you on fish that your heart desires. With a wide array of fishing parks and reservoirs in and around town, rest assure that Thailand has a suitable fishing location for everyone. 

Whether it is artificial lure (casting and fly fishing or bait fishing, Bangkok and its vicinities can provide you with an exhilarating angling experience. Famous locations such as: 


- IT Lake Monsters

- Amazon BKK

Palm Tree Lagoon

- Pilot 111 

Private Barramundi Pond

- Jurassic Mountain and Resort Fishing

- Reservoir Fishing

- Offshore Light Jigging 

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My service is based on enhancing your fishing in Thailand experience by providing an all inclusive guided fishing trip. No more arguments about "turning on the meter", poor quality rental rods or the lack of English being spoken. A fluent English speaking individual will be with you at all times to take care of transportation  meals and your overall comfort. Anglers of all skill level are welcome.

The destination where you would like to go is entirely up to you. You could certainly pick one from the list on the "destinations" page or email me and we will see which location would best suit your needs. Weather conditions, lake conditions and productivity of fishing is taken into consideration in order to provide the biggest chance in landing fish.

As a passionate angler, I would like to extend a personal invitation to visit Bangkok and explore a wonderful array of fishing (and other activities too). Just buy a plane ticket to Thailand and we’ll help sort out the rest.

Check out our Facebook page at Bangkok Fishing Guide Service or contact [email protected] to start planning your vacation in Thailand. It’s not only about the fish but the overall experience. Allow us to show you what Bangkok has to offer.

Testimonials from valued guests:

Fishing abroard is always exciting! I am from the Netherlands and have fished a lot of places around the world, with and without guides. Where to start is always the big question?! If you go to Thailand, do not think twice: go with Tap!

I have been in Thailand twice, both times with Tap. The first time we went to Srinakarin reservoir, the second time to Kaeng Kra Chang reservoir, both massive reservoirs, in search for the illusive Giant Snakehead. Tap made sure everything was arranged, the transport, boat, food and drinks. The gear you will be using is top end, reels from Abu Garcia, Daiwa and Shimano en top quality rods. He has a lot of lures (if you will do lure fishing) to pick from and he knows what to use on what spot.

Due to the fact that he speaks excellent English (next to Thai) the communication is superb!! He reacts fast on mails and Facebook messages. Next to that, he is a fun guy to hang out with. Why so serious, you are on a holiday! He will make sure your day(s) will be to rememberd. You want to go with a family, no problem, everything is possible. Are you an avid angler, Tap is the guide to go with. He ‘breaths’ fishing and knows what he is talking about and he will do his 200% best to make sure you will catch the fish you want. But as every (avid) angler knows: it’s called fishing, not catching, you still have to work for the fish. And he let’s you enjoy the typical Thai food during the afternoon break, can it get any better?!

Ofcourse, when fishing a pond the change of getting the fish you want is bigger then on a reservoir, but both times I went out with Tap on a reservoir, I caught some amazing fish! First time I had 5 Giant Snakeheads and 1 rare Cobra Snakehead in 2 days. The second time I caught 8 Jungle Perch with one from over 2kg’s, an amazing fish!

I had 4 days in total with Tap and I can say he has become a friend of mine. Our minds are the same, we just love and life fishing! He is a great guy, and he is THE guide I can recommend for fishing in Thailand. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime, go with Tap!

Cheers, Thijs van der Sanden / / Netherlands

"I went once again fishing in Thailand, and, again, fishing with  the Jedi Master (aka Tap).
Since it was Tap's fault to "hook" me into fly fishing, I thought that it would have been a sweet revenge to have him guide for me for two whole days on secluded rivers in west Thailand.

Surprise, surprise, Tap took me to the River Kwai, and even if I did not see the famous bridge, the history, and the emotions were present in my mind, and on top of that the fly fishing area is absolutely beautiful. We were also assisted by fantastic weather. Tap, assisted by his friend Cloud, was his usual jovial, friendly, and helpful as ever self; and Cloud, a really nice guy and an avid fly angler, with a fly rod in his hands is nothing short than a sniper :-).

Due solely to my inexperience I missed quite a few Jungle Perch and Burmese Trout, while I could feel Tap behind me rolling his eyes... However, after about seventy million casts during these two days, and with Tap's recommendations, I must admit my fly casting has improved dramatically, and I can now place small dry flies with a reasonable degree of accuracy; thank you Tap!

The Jedi Master instead was catching fish, but then he uses The Force, so...
Accommodation in the area was rustic but fair enough, food was as usual fabulous (yes, I adore thai food), and the scenery truly amazing.

Don't miss fly fishing on the River Kwai!" - Alex from Italy
Fishing in Thailand, Bangkok Fishing Guide, Fishing in Bangkok
"Firstly, I would like to say that I have fished through the world and Bangkok Fishing Guide Service ranks in my top 5 experiences for a number of reasons.  I have fished with Tap on 5 occasions and every experience has been amazing.   Either I am catching 7-9 different species in one day, or I am catching that dream maker fish that will gives me bragging rights all year long.   Most recently, a world record Chaopraya catfish!!!  Unlike many asian fishing guide services, Tap actually responds to your email enquiries … typically within one hour of your message.   This is simply unheard of and much appreciated.   It is very very clear that Tap has established strong relationships with his boat drivers, and pond owners.   This actually makes a difference in your catch success!   Whether it be your placement on the pond, access to private lakes, quality bait or just simply the patience and effort that is given to his clients … the results are always more and bigger fish.   BKK Fishing Guide Service is a really a class act, that eliminates a lot of the hassle and ultimately the cost of trying to go to these fishing ponds yourself.   Professional, timely pickup and driving to the fishing site in a beautiful and new SUV, quality fishing equipment, and a great fishing guide and buddy who speaks perfect English!  Great value and highly recommended!" - Cris from Grenada
Arapaima Fishing in Thailand, Fishing in Bangkok, Bangkok Fishing Guide
"Tap is very patient with the pre-trip communications to help me plan out the fishing days perfectly given my time constraints - explaining the available and doable fishing venues and discussing all the exciting target fish in each venue - every detail made very clear to help me prep and plan for my fishing days. I definitely felt valued as Tap took care of every detail to make the fishing days enjoyable and making the commute & conversations easy - like we're old fishing buddies.  All the while, Tap was punctual in meeting times and took great care to be flexible to meet my scheduling needs.I would easily and enthusiastically recommend Tap as a fishing guide and buddy any day!  He is very friendly, detailed, attentive and helpful.  Anybody fishing with Tap will come to feel he is one of their best fishing buddies abroad!  He will make you feel comfortable and have an unbelievable fishing experience in Thailand." John from Pasadena, California
Bangkok Fishing Guide, Jungle Perch fishing in Thailand, Sebarau
"I can personally vouch for Tap's professionalism, knowledge and eagerness to insure his clients have a successful fishing adventure. No matter the kind of trip planned or experience level. Tap is just a pleasure to fish with." - Jim from Tampa, Florida
Fishing in THailand, Bangkok Fishing Guide, Fishing in Bangkok

"I can highly recommend Tap's services. Spent a day with him at Pilot and had a great time. He has a flexible attitude and is as much a native English speaker as Thai so communication is no problem. Great value for money for a 12 + hour day." - Warren from Australia.

Fishing in Bangkok, Bangkok Fishing Guide, Fishing in Thailand, Arapaima fishing
"Thank you for a very memorable and enjoyable trip, I really enjoyed fishing with both of you, the local foods and the places we ate at were special and the whole package was awesome, I couldn’t have asked for more on my first trip to Thailand."  - Nick from Australia
Fishing in Thailand, Siamese Carp, Bangkok Fishing Guide
"We were all very happy with your service and hospitality. We all had a really great time and caught some crazy fish. If only we didn't have the tailor fitting we could have fished longer and maybe caught some bigger predators! But it was great to know that you were willing to stay longer if we wanted to." - Ming from Australia
Bangkok Fishing Guide, Giant Mekong Catfish, Fishing in THailand
"We fished with a relatively new guy in the BKK fishing guide scene, but he had a few very important points:

1) he is a lovely guy and great fun and a passionate angler;
2) he speaks great english (way better than me, he lived in the US for 10 years);
3) he also adores In'n'Out Burgers (and if you don't know what that means, you missed one of the great pleasures in life  :-)   );
4) he carried us in "style", a luxurious pick-up truck;
5) he knows all the "good" places;
6) he was with us at all times, really personal service;

I really recommend this guy, give him a call next time you have some free time in BKK...." - Alex from Italy
Fishing in Thailand, Bangkok Fishing Guide, Barramundi fishing

"We had a wonderful time fishing the other day with you.  You offer a great guide service.  We will tell our friends about you. " - Cynthia from Los Angeles, California  

Fishing in Thailand, Bangkok Fishing Guide, Fishing in Bangkok, Fishing Tours in Bangkok, Barramundi fishing in Thailand

I believe fishing is as much about interaction with native people and their ways of life as it is about trophy and sport. In this regard, Bangkok Fishing Guide is outstanding. Tap is keen on introducing to his customers various elements of Thai culture. Furthermore, he really cares about the livelihood of local people who make fishing possible for a foreigner like me.

Such endeavours come together to create an exotic yet strangely familiar and approachable fishing experience. Thank you Tap once again for helping me catch those massive Barramundi and for those exquisite Northern Thai dishes. - Ilsuk from Korea

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After realizing Thailand offered the opportunity to fish for Arapaima, I decided I have to book a trip to Thailand to catch this dream fish of mine. Searching on Google came back with many guides and after looking through many sites, I decided to email Tap from Bangkok Fishing Guide. I got a response from Tap within the day and after exchanging some emails, I decided to finalize my trip with Tap. Meeting Tap was a pleasure. He was always on time to pick me up in the morning and was very professional, knowledgeable and spoke great English. Our three day trip was planned personally for me and not only was I able to land my dream fish, I got to catch 11 other species that I have never caught before. The trip taught me not all is what it seems. I planned my trip with an Arapaima as my dream fish but left Thailand dreaming of returning one day to fight another Giant Mekong Catfish. For any English speaking angler looking for a personally designed dream fishing trip in Thailand, I would highly recommend Tap. - Martin from Dallas, Texas

I had an amazing time fishing with Tap! By the end of the day I was almost tired of catching fish! He is very knowledgable and will put you on fish, and a lot of them! We caught 10 Amazon Redtail Catfish, 2 Chaopraya Catfish, 1 Pacu, and 2 Alligator Gar. I have never caught fish that big in my entire life. Tap was extremely professional, speaks excellent English and will go above and beyond to make sure you are happy. In addition to fishing, Tap taught me so much about the Thai culture and the area we were in. This was the highlight to my entire trip!" Devin from Hilton Head, South Carolina.